About Us

"Art is not what you see, but what you make other see."

Nisha is an acrylic painter, born in India.

She lived up a solitary life in spite of being brought up in a big family until she convinced herself that she was meant to do something different in life  which transformed her into an aspiring artist. Being a Cancerian, she soon began calling herself “a moon maiden” which triggered a curiosity within her to get closure towards life. Her addiction to travelling, music and reading taught her various aspects of life. She doodled almost everywhere she had a  pen and paper. In 2012, she admitted her intense love towards Art and painting. She knew she could be anyone into her Art. She could have all the things she’d been longing for as freedom, love, emotions, anger & illusions. 

She had a desperate need to shout out her emotions on a blank canvas detaching her from the world at the time.  

She eventually began studying Buddhism, travelled more to explore all sorts of mysteries and unknowns in this world. Her three addictions in life: coffee, paint and love. She connected to her spiritual self and found peace. She prays and meditates each day and appreciates what life gives her but never restricts to fight for her dreams. 

Now, she is a full-time freelance self-taught artist who wants to share her art with the world and hopes people connect to her journey and her art. Now get the affordable art in India with Nysha Art studio and satiate your artistic desires. Get the most Affordable art prints with us. We have a studio in Delhi.

About my Art

My forte is acrylic painting on canvas. Although there are various other art forms that I enjoy and specialize in too. I paint to imitate bits and pieces of  my life which go unnoticed. My art world is all about abstract, surrealism, fantasy, nature, beauty and more to experience in future incorporating real nature and imaginative world.  Each artwork has story to tell. You just have to hear it.  

I paint with acrylics on canvas, charcoal on paper & watercolor on paper.

I also design wall murals in order to share my art with more and more people.

I aspire to connect with people’s inner self and inspire them to be closer to themselves and keep discovering the truth behind the unknown and lies behind the known.

I always uncover a new idea from the last painting I design.